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Floating icebergs on black sand Photo and caption by Giacomo

Floating icebergs on black sand Photo and caption by Giacomo


{Floating icebergs on black sand}. Photo and caption by Giacomo Ciangottini. Jökulsárlón is a large glacial lagoon in southeast Iceland, on the borders of ...

Glacier Lagoon - and iridescent blue iceberg, polished by the waves, was beautifully backlit and was glowing from within

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Fabulous winter nature landscapes - 25 HQ Jpg » Vector, Photoshop .

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Black sand beach covered in snow. Black sand is caused by the erosion of solid

Bear Glacier Lake icebergs floating.

Icebergs can have multi-colored stripes.

یخچال Skaftafell، ایسلند

Crashing waves have reduced layers of basalt into the tiny, polished pebbles that comprise Iceland's black sand beaches.

Northern Lights in Snaefellsnes, Iceland.

Capri Island Avellino Italy | Found on touchdisky.tumblr.com

[Life as opening]. I took that photo in my African trip with Land


“Alone”. I felt the beautiful landscape of the Earth. Location: Salara. “

It was a month of Halloween goodness, exciting opportunities, and a surprising number of visits to Staten Island. It was a month of admiring the decorations ...

[Love is all around]. When i was walking in Summer Palace in Beijing

The channel finally ended with some bright blue sky peeking out. At this point on the trip, it had been the first blue sky we had seen.

[Summit Attempt]. Mountain climbers in Antarctica struggle near the summit in overcast and

“Rio baby”. I am not a beach person, but this shot of. “

[Sea Gypsies in Sibuan Island]. The Sea Gypsies or [Bajau Laut]

But not Carl. Carl had gone full mad scientist, laughing hysterically in the wind, and the fact that the rain had brought everyone else to our knees somehow ...

On one edge of Dirk Hartog Island, you'd see a series of cliffs. It reminded me of the Faroe Islands.

“Haunted forest”. While birding in Sierra de Bahoruco, near the Dominican-

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon in Iceland

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Iceland belies its name and its landscape is a kaleidoscope of colors -- blue, purple, green, black.

“Altar at night”. Day of the dead in Aguacalientes, Mexico. (

In Kiev, a Stylish and Surprising City

[Spring Wildflowers at Waterworks Hill]. While hiking up Waterworks Hill in Montana came

“Dreaming of catching the big one”. This pic is of a seal sun. “

Three Studies of the human head (detail of the third panel) 1953.

My Favorite Experiences in Western Australia

So which region is best?

“Islands”. People and their minds like islands. Location: Köln, Germany. “

Solarstone " ...

Thomas ...

[Fresh milk seller]. It's early morning, beautiful sunlight shining into a narrow

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The biostratigraphy at Coste San Giacomo (CSG), Colle Marino


[Vietnamese Market]. There is something graceful yet eerie about the way these chicken

Mental Health Goals:

(Photo and caption by. “

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Bonaventure Cemetery is a shorter trip; you definitely won't need more than two hours here. If you head back afterward, explore more of the squares in the ...

Soldier ...

Idrija is also famous throughout the world for its lace, which is on display throughout the town.

Both artists derived their paintings from sensory experiences. Their paintings are abstracted from but not divorced from the real world.

“5 Months on”. A car still sits where the water left it 5. “

There are about 35 desert elephants in the Ugab River area of Torra, and the world's only other group is in the Sahara Desert of north Mali.

Jon ...

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Disembodied by light and dark the anatomy became a tool for passionate astonishment.

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Graph, Aurora, maunder minimum, solar activity, Usoskin 2015

... guardian of the Medici's Villa at Poggio a Caiano, in Italy, where at the end of the working day he is allowed a cigarette. (© Giacomo Baldi/National ...


Five tips to save on a San Diego vacationPlanning a trip to San Diego? Be sure to check out these money-saving tips. TreNesha Striggles/The Republic

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Greg ...

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While in Coral Bay, I dropped a full Diva Cup for the first time ever in my six years of using one — and it spilled all over my clothes.


Stuart Ewen PR! - A Social History of Spin 1996 | Public Relations | Propaganda

6:30 PM: Time to head back, take a shower and primp. It's going to be a big night tonight.

Rare ...

Blank ...

Chasing Sunsets in Santorini

Gavin ...

The history of Sperlonga, Italy dates back to the first

And dolphins and kangaroos. The crazy landscapes: bright yellow pinnacles in the desert, pink lakes throughout the region. Perth's hip factor.

For real-time updates from my travels, you can follow me on Instagram and Snapchat — I'm adventurouskate on both!

[The U-turn]. It caught my eye when i was walking on

Strange Photos From The True Tale Of The World's Tallest Man



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5 national parks in 5 days