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Full size picture of Kotukutuku Tree Fuchsia ltigtFuchsia excorticata

Full size picture of Kotukutuku Tree Fuchsia ltigtFuchsia excorticata


Kōtukutuku – tree fuchsia

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Commonly known as Kotukutuku, New Zealand fuchsia

Fuchsia excorticata, aka kotukutuku or tree fuchsia, is the world's largest fuchsia, growing

Fuchsia exorticata

Fuchsia excorticata

T.E.R:R.A.I.N - Taranaki Educational Resource: Research, Analysis and Information Network - Fuchsia excorticata (Tree Fuchsia)

Fuchsia excorticata. Kotukutuku ...

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Fuchsia excorticata, tree fuchsia, a native plant grown by Plant Hawke's Bay Native Plants

Fuchsia excorticata

Fuchsia excorticata tree fuchsia kotukutuku Onagraceae July The yellow capitate stigma is at the apex of the single eccentric style.

kotukutuku tree fuchsia Fuchsia excorticata ...

FUCHSIA procumbens

Fuchsia regia

Tree fuchsia, Kotukutuku. Fuchsia excorticata

Dioecious di-e'shus adj.

Beautiful natives




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King, Martha 1803?-1897 :The tutu, (commonly called toot)

FUCHSIA perscandens

FUCHSIA arborescens

Cypsela: A small and dry, one seeded fruit

Palmatifid: Hand shaped with the lobes half-way to the base

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Flower: The structure in Angiosperms concerned with sexual reproduction. | Botany word of the day

Fuchsia excorticata peel peeling bark trunk New Zealand Fuchsia Kotukutuku paper papery paperlike - Stock Image

Fuchsia magellanica 'Pumila'

Fuchsia flower

Metrosideros fulgens

Scale leaf: A small and sometimes membranous leaf that covers leaf buds.

Penninerved: Having veins or nerves that branch pinnately | Botany word of the day

Fuchsia excorticata Photo: Geoff Reid

Commonly known as Lady's eardrops

Imparipinnate: Pinnate, with a single terminal pinna. | Botany word of the day

Andromonoecious: With male and bisexual or perfect flowers on the same plant. | Botany word of the day

Costa: A rib, especially the midvein of a leaf.


Hoheria populnea

Falcate fal'kat adj. falciform fal-si-form adj.

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he pretty Noltea africana is becoming very popular as a landscaping tree, due to its versatility. Evergreen, the fast growing Soap dogwood can grow to a ...


Cuneate: Wedge shaped narrowing to a base.

Undulate: With a wavy margin curving up and down. | Botany word of the day


Palmatisect:Hand shaped with the lobes almost to the leaf base. | Botany word of the day

Seemingly undaunted towards the end of his life by his earlier misfortunes, Deschamps is said to have mounted a plant collecting expedition to Mexico in ...

Pilose: Bearing soft hairs.

Tepal: petals and sepals of a flower look almost identical | Botany word of the day

Rachis: The midrib of a compound leaf, palm or fern frond

White pea, a zygomorphic flower

Trimerous: Having the flower parts in threes

Pinnatisect: Pinnately lobed or divided, extending almost to the mid rib .

Panicle: A loose and diversely branched inflorescence with the flowers pedicellate.

Funnelform: Flower shape with the corolla tube gradually widening upwards | Botany word of the day

Capitulum: A dense head-like inflorescence

Sophora microphylla

Hebe stricta

Budding Fuchsia flower


Benjamin Franklin's original spruce beer recipe. “

Agathis australis, 'Kauri' watercolour on vellum copyright: Lesley Alexander

Phyllary: One of the bracts of the involucre of flowers of Asteraceae.

Rhododendron 'Glory of Penjerrick' at Hackfalls Arboretum

Sessile: Without a stalk or petiole. When a leaf, flower, inflorescence, peduncle or pedicel attaches directly to the stem.

Bole bol n.

Phyllotaxis: The ideal arrangement of leaves on an axis so as to capture maximum sunlight. | Botany word of the day


Craspedodromous: A type of pinnate venation

Imbricate: Overlapping like roof tiles or fish scales | Botany word of the day

Indusium: Tissue covering the sorus of a fern or a pollen cup | Botany word of the day

Decurrent: When the base of a leaf continues for a distance along the stem.

Crown shaft: Sheathing leaf bases at the apex of a palm trunk.

Tendril: A slender twining part of a climbing plant formed from the stem or leaf | Botany word of the day

The Fuchsia Book - AFS

Prophyll: A leaf usually smaller than the standard leaf. | Botany word of the day

Stamen: The male sex organ consisting of anther, connective and filament

Foliose: Like a leaf

Young nymphs of Passion vine hoppers, Scolypopa australis (Hemiptera: Ricaniidae) on a cabbage tree, Cordyline australis (Asparagaceae).

Mesotonic: A type of growth where the shoots nearest the middle of the stem shows the greatest development. | Botany word of the day