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Lair of the Uber Geek ACW Mini Terrain Grass Trees etc

Lair of the Uber Geek ACW Mini Terrain Grass Trees etc


The stone wall set consists of four 9 inch straight pieces and two small ends. I primed everything in a light grey auto primer and dry brushed a darker ...

Forest Table - scenery now complete (warning: lots of words/images) -

Russ' superb hand made trees - which made their first appearance tonight

I have been looking for a transportable mat for some time, it really is impossible to transport styrofoam terrain pieces. There are a lot of options out ...

Play Testing Fire & Fury Brigade: The First Day at Gettysburg

Hirst Arts

And fortunately my "tree-inforcements" have arrived today .

Lair of the Uber Geek: ACW

The tree trunks are the bamboo stalks and the leaves have just been glued and taped aqround the top of the trunks.

The 1000 Foot General plays historical wargames such as Hail Caesar, SAGA, and Fireball

Here are my two 3 point Warbands (to date that is) on my Napoleonic terrain. I bought some ready made spruce and fir trees recently, they certainly give off ...

Captain Blood.

Once the plaster had dried the bases were undercoated, painted and flocked in my typical methods and then some palm trees added to make them more ...

And fortunately my "tree-inforcements" have arrived today .

Making Scatter Terrain

And fortunately my "tree-inforcements" have arrived today .


I selected a few palm trees for each piece, hot glueing them to the tallest point of each foam base.

And fortunately my "tree-inforcements" have arrived today .

Just for fun, another shot looking up to the knoll, with terrain added

And fortunately my "tree-inforcements" have arrived today .

Three different tree types from China. The tree bases are from Adventure Terrain and are magnetized. Very clever. The tre bases will represent primary ...

Gung Ho! has a list of terrain to create Pacific battlefields. I always find these pages very useful places to start on my terrain projects.

Hedges are scratch built by yours truly, building - an old Gallia model begging to be repainted to my current standards, and random trees from realms long ...

Standing stone objective markers

The ground cover in these photos is off it color. In real life the color is much more brown than it is yellow in this pics.

The above uses about 75 pieces of scatter terrain, about half of what I'd like to see on there. Rather than make more of the same, I will instead make some ...

Flames of War Terrain

Here's my lovely bride - looking forward to the next 30 years

... I am yet to have a tree pull off the base yet (and I usually pick them up tree first which is a bad habit if you want your terrain to last!)

... CDs just to vary up the terrain some. The single trees are based on a large washers to make them bottom heavy, just like me. Came out looking like this:

The ground cover in these photos is off it color. In real life the color is much more brown than it is yellow in this pics.

The bamboo stalks were colored in a few shades of green and brown, so I made sure to include that in my notes. I also noted that the foliage tended to grow ...

Alishan travel guide - Wikitravel

How To Make Evergreen Trees for Model Railroads and Dioramas

... CDs just to vary up the terrain some. The single trees are based on a large washers to make them bottom heavy, just like me. Came out looking like this:

Historicon 2017 Day 1

Review: Hallowed Ground Terrain - Firebase Trench System


I'm slightly unhappy with the color of the static grass as it doesn't quite harmonize with my other terrain pieces but it'll do.

As an aside, these are Adler 6mm which have incredible detail. You can even see the bespectacled bald head of Marshal Davout!

In this case, I'll be sure to unpin the Portee, since it won't be able to use it's "Ambush Fire" order in my opponent's turn if it's still pinned.

This time, instead of using the larger bases, I put them all on small Flames of War command bases so that I could spread them out a bit further.


The French légére face off against Hanoverians and a British Guard company in the woods.

Once the paint is dry cover in static grass and add a few small pieces of clump foliage.

My lanceros on a flanking maneuver are felled by an explosive grenade!

... the Inner cutout can be used to fill the field or removed to allow troop deployment. The gap around the perimeter allows troops to defend hedgerows etc.

None of the bunkers can actually hold a base full of miniature soldiers, as the Vietnamese bunkers seemed quite low. So, the bunker itself would be a unit ...

With the ruleset arriving in my mail box a few weeks back we scheduled a test game for last weekend. To keep things simple we went for a bit smaller ...

Amateur Hour: Terrain

SAGA German Grand Melee 2015 (Impressions from the park)

Large blast size comparison (that is a Warlord Games 28mm Bolt Action miniature)

Making Jungle Terrain Pieces

Cambrai 1917 - Great War Miniatures

Updated: And a couple of pak 38s using the same method

Angel- Angel is good at one thing: kicking. But she is really, really good at kicking!

but as you can see, I had line of sight to the Centurions all the way at the back, needing 7s to hit on a D10

Finally I got round to painting a couple of British mounted officers - again there is no matt varnish on these.

Wargames scenery and terrain: Citadel Gaming Hill

I managed to finish up some terrain detail pieces for the shipyard this weekend. Destroying the shipyard will be one of the objectives of the attacking ...

Model railroad scenery: Modeling quick realistic trees - YouTube

The MG42 holds the left flank of the German line.

On our way over to the entrance to the museum our route took us through the park leading up to it, which meant that we passed the oldest part of the city ...

SAGA German Grand Melee 2015 (Impressions from the park)

Here too I replaced the separate head supplied with one of the figures with one from plastic. Actually I quite like how he (the prone guy) now seems to talk ...

It was pure dumb luck that the orcs ended up one inch short of being able to reach the soldiers of Arnor on their initial charge.

It hopefully will give me a chance to pull together all of those small projects under one roofwith a common rule set.

terrain boards for the purpose of photography -

9. Mixed tents from Renedra Limited.

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I was forced to attend my wife's summer party for the her students that patciapta in her charity "Smiles for Success" - they perform free restorative dental ...

Improving My Miniature Terrain Trees

Proof of Concept - 3mm ACW Regiments at 1:1 Scale

The six horse limber team looks outstanding on the tabletop. It's long though ... the base is 50mm x 250mm. I'm really happy with how these guys turned out!

Phil Barker of WRG ancients fame once said “choose an army you can love even when it loses” and I think that's what I've done, if you choose an army for ...

I'll get back to posting some FoW stuff in the near future!

Lets see how this goes.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Everyone gives free information on how to make terrain.. This has gotten me inspired to finish some projects.

These Dragoons were intended for Iberian operations. I was far less creative with the stones than I am now. Like the 9th Hussars above, this is twice the ...

The gambit pays off and my T-72s knock out a few Bradleys.

Hunt for the PzKw III´s

Analogue Hobbies: Entry #10 to the AHPC - French Fort from 'The De Lattre Line', 1951

River Making

Teddy Bear Fur terrain brief tutorial

Larger Villa with small garden. These are for sale....feel free to contact me if you wish for prices etc- I'm going to be making a lot more terrain and ...

Wargame News and Terrain: Wayland Games: New Warhammer The Horus Heresy: Burning of Prospero Starter Set Discounted

Q: What's next for Hail of Fire? Are you planning on working up a Forces or Scenario stat list?

The combined fire of a Panzerfaust Trap team, a Tiger II, and liquid flame fuel!

Table seen from the Viking side

ACW inspiration for later in the year

So who won? The end of turn 5 VPs worked out as follows:

As you can see this bunker took quite a pasting if the damage is anything to go by.

Start with the Brown. Don't make a lot of straight lines– there are no straight lines in nature! Then overlay with the Olive to make shadows.

They ...

Heroscape Terrain Lot 474 Hexes Rock Swamp Grass Wall Expanded Battlefield #Heroscape