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Whether you ride for fun or you depend on your bike to take you

Whether you ride for fun or you depend on your bike to take you


Image titled 21201 1. 1. Check your cycling equipment. Before you ...

Once you ve got your bike a few accessories will make for happier riding

Mental health benefits of bicycling. Photo by Sandra. We all know that riding bikes ...

Keep in mind that the extra things are added to your most loved vehicle will rely on upon your kind of riding. Figure out if you are a no-nonsense rider or ...

Cyclists will now longer be punished for cycling on the pavement amid fears for their safety

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A bicycle on the sidewalk

Woman rides bike down street. Welcome back to the saddle! By reading this, you ...

Easy Spin

Why Riding Your Bike Makes You A Better Person (According To Science) | HuffPost

There are lots of different bike types we can help you find the right one for


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E-Bike Questions

A bike locked with two U-locks

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“Get a bicycle. You ...

... you would if riding a motorcycle. Image titled 21201 25

Our buying guide will help you choose the best electric bike for your needs wants or

When you first begin cycling it's likely you'll have plenty of burning questions and, as you progress to well and truly catching the bike bug, ...

All of the formations we've discussed will help the group move more quickly – this is great if you're after a QOM, if you're racing, and if you just want to ...

how to teach a child how to ride a bike

Beginner cyclist Read on we ll cover everything you need to know to get going

Best women's bikes: a buyer's guide to find what you need - BikeRadar USA


If you live to ride motorcycles, this empowering poster is for you. Get one

"If you think I'm cute now, wait until you see me on my motorcycle." Found on a friend's facebook page, posted by Frank Charriaut of the Mot'Art Journal ...

If you plan your routes to suit your abilities, you'll end up enjoying a fun trek, not grinding away on a never-ending slog.

Cycling single file in Oxford Iffley Road.

Bikers are like a subcommunity, if you ride your always welcome! So cool how you can go all kinds of places and everyone is usually friendly and fun!

Whether you ride on the road, on the bikeway, or out on the trails, there's always one thing that'll get you eventually: punctures.

If you're like me, you like to ride bikes all year round. If you have kids you just might have a bike trailer to take them on mini adventures while getting ...

Sure, having a strong frame and nice tires on your bike is reassuring, but is not absolutely necessary. The bottom line -- you need to find a bike you're ...

Sometimes Kat suffered from uncontrollable panic attacks on the bike and riding a tandem was a great way for her to overcome those. You can read her views ...

A mountain biker rides on a path in the woods. Previous Article. Mountain Bike Fitting Basics. You ...

Electric bicycles were designed to make biking a little bit easier so you're more excited to go further, explore more, and have new adventures.

If you ride in wet, sloppy conditions you'll appreciate all-weather, low-maintenance disc brakes. If you prefer not to bike in bad weather, you'll be fine ...

Rain gear for biking

Figuring out where to rent bikes and how to get to the starting point of a bicycling trip can be the most challenging part of trip planning! If you've ever ...

10 reasons hopping on your bike is the best thing ever | Life and style | The Guardian

... if you're riding a long distance on roads. Road bikes are fast, but best suited to smooth terrain

Bikes: Niner RLT 9 Steel Niner link: ninerbikes.com If you want to want to experience fun in big doses then climb onto Niner's RLT 9 Steel and ride on.

How to Plan a Bike Tour


The average cyclist in San Francisco seems to be a young fit adult, mostly male and appears to be in a constant hurry. And if you don't understand that ...

Improve your children's bike safety. Image titled 21201 42

Once you get the rhythm of how the bike reacts to your pedaling input, you'll find yourself accelerating where you might otherwise struggle.

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My passion runs deep 2 ½ years after the first ride! mi in 6 months-would be more if I wasn't pregnant!

'Comfortable, fast and fun': Philippa Perry Tries out the GoCycle 3.

Davide Formolo, descending, aerodynamics (Pic: Sirotti)

Use this handy 1-page checklist to make it 157% easier to plan your next group MTB trip! mountain biking makes you happy

There are now many specialist bikes available for enduro racing, but for your first event

Two kids riding bikes past a tree. When you're ...

Couple ...

Click here for printable poster (pdf)

Should You Ride If You Have a Head Cold? Cycling with a Cold


Riding Your Bike While Sick. Getty Images. Feeling hungover? Sick? Tired? Wondering if you ...

... or take the pedals off your child's bike, (your local bike shop can do this for you), make the seat low, and let your little one scoot around to their ...

No matter how long you've been riding, there's always room to squeeze in a new experience on your bike.

A Step By Step Guide To Teach Your Child How To Ride A Bike

Paco the Portuguese Podengo, riding high on a Surly

If you are interested in racing or trail maintenance work, ask your local bike shop or go online and research your area. There are plenty of opportunities ...

If you already own a bicycle (a road or mountain bicycle perhaps), but you are unsure as to whether or not that bicycle is capable of handling the demands ...

... if you hate maintenance. Singlespeed bikes take some getting used to but are a fast, low-maintenance option

Running vs. Cycling for Weight Loss. Cycling to work is a ...

How Much Should You Cycle a Day to Stay in Shape?

With a nearly endless list of rides to join, you can compete all winter, whether to gauge your fitness or just for fun. Everyday there are hundreds of rides ...

For the thru-axle itself, we recommend the stiffest design available, the Syntace X-12, but you are free to use a different 12mm thru-axle if you want.

Can You Lose Weight by Riding a Bike? – The Facts

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See what last years ride was like, visit our photographers gallery, where you will also be able to find & purchase images taken on 8 July soon after the ...

Fully loaded touring bike (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Michael Rosenstein:Flickr

Your best cycling days may still be ahead - Harvard Health Blog - Harvard Health Publishing

... the one you haven't ridden for vintage ad for radian massage cream

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Ads such as this one often appeared in comic books. This particular bike was strong and versatile, a good one to rely upon if you ...

Winter cycling survival guide: 10 helpful tips to keep you riding

Cycle Your Way to Fitness. Riding a bike for fun ...

Bike to Work: Lose Weight, Save Money, Add Years to Your Life

Want new wheels, a fresh new look or a new bike? Unlocking these things are all possible on Zwift by doing challenges, using promo codes and more. If you ...

Best of all, if you have a mechanical or medical issue, someone is there to help (or can ride off to get help).

Mountain Bike Association

... bike is very practical, and has a very upright, 'sit up and beg' riding position that suits a laid back riding style. If that appeals to you it could be ...

My electric bike uses a combination of pedaling and electric assistance - it's called a Pedelec

baby on bike Groningen Netherlands

Biking the Golden Gate Bridge

How Does Cycling Help You Gain Height?

Everything you Need to Know About Cyclo-cross