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Thesearchingastronaut Team Voltron voltron t Fire

Thesearchingastronaut Team Voltron voltron t Fire


Team Voltron :)

thesearchingastronaut: “ space daddy (。^・ェ・^。)丿 Lance x Keith x Pidge x Hunk x ”

fanart of the fanfic on thin ice :) - Voltron: Keith, Shiro, and Lance

Uranus and Neptune : Photo

Art by the searching astronaut. Lance.

thesearchingastronaut: “Keith with his Puppy Chaiko Off Balance ”

Lance - by thesearchingastronaut

Keith, son of Aries. I could see Shiro as a son of Zeus, Pidge as a daughter of Athena, Hunk as a son of Demeter or Hephasteus, and Lance as a son ...

VLD fanart- Voltron kids art project gone wiid

Thesearchingastronaut | I like this as an older lance

Keith for you~

Hunk and his Birthday cake from Voltron Legendary Defender

thesearchingastronaut: “sketch between homework because I am exhausted. Klance demi god au. In acient clothes/armours. Lance is angry and Keith somehow ...

thesearchingastronaut: “I hope we'll see him again. ” I added him to my red bubble!

Team Voltron- Shiro, Hunk, Pidge, Lance and Keith from Voltron Legendary Defender

Cover art for TheSpace_Dragon's fic "From the Ruins, We Shall Rise" - Art by TheSearchingAstronaut

"Voltron: Legendary Defender" by @atarple on tumblr. "

Shiro for the Dragon AU - by thesearchingastronaut

Thesearchingastronaut Aw, he looks kinda depressed.


Fire and Ice Bros by Barlee - Lance and Keith

Suits by The Searching Astronaut

Keith / Lance Artist: thesearchingastronaut.tumblr.com

The searching astronaut tumblr

... when you can spend the entire night sitting by the fire watching them sleep. Title: I Really Don't Know Love At All Characters: Keith, Allura ( Voltron) ...

Uranus and Neptune : Photo

voltron // tbh i think they look so good here but then i realise that'd they'd probs want the armour on top too by thesearchingastronaut

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drawing, shiro, and Voltron -kuva

Paladins of Red and Blue of Fire and Ice- Keith and Lance from Voltron Legendary Defender

Voltron force · Tap for that 40% OFF or more SHIRE FIRE SALE!!!! :

voltron legendary defender | Tumblr

So fab, Avatar/Voltron crossover!

Lance and Keith. Voltron ...

keith obviously did the math In this case it shouldn't be left to pidge (even though her calculations would be same)

haven't drawn space suit stuff in a while :3 I forgot he voltron

Can't believe it took me so long to draw Shiro (even if it's

mum and dad

I completed the casual outfits for all the members of Team Voltron! EDITS

Keith the Red Paladin of Fire with his Red Lion from Voltron Legendary Defender

Fire emblem fates x voltron

Keith's is a bit overexagerayed, but sure.

Keith and lance are kissing. And Coran is blocking it.

woah wait i like this au! he misses rain bc he didn't get to see it much in the first place!

Lance's precision shot after waking up from unconsciousness for a moment. Totally bad a- Voltron

"Eras tan imprudente, egocéntrico, estúpido."

Dragon AU Lance :) Please support me on Ko-Fi, so I can create more art for u guys

http://thesearchingastronaut .tumblr.com/post/164264638157/finally-i-did-a-real-thing-again-3-space-family

Find this Pin and more on Voltron fanart :-) by Nizzy_ Hanami.

Want to know what Keith eats or what Allura smells like? Curious about what Shiro does in his downtime? Come here for all of those Voltron headcanons and ...

Image result for voltron lance hospital

Keith bonding with his Red Lion from Voltron Legendary Defender

Lance and his cute kitty cat from Voltron Legendary Defender

This fan art of Lance from the animated series "Voltron: Legendary Defender" was by the searching astronaut on Tumblr.

Lance - by badjura This is my new favorite thing

Guardian Spirits of the Sky, Forest, Water, Land, and Fire. Form VoltronHunk ...

neato!, a couple of anons requested some happy lances,.

[imitates lasers firing] - edit by gayspacelion


Lance the Blue Paladin Knight from Voltron Legendary Defender

guess who just finished watching voltron it's me

Pidge by thesearchingastronaut

iknut: Team Voltron, forming Voltron? [full triangle] Somewhat awkward, but ohwell, a colored version of what I'll submit to @voltroncoloringbook later on~

Voltron Legendary Defender paladins #voltron #fanart

VLD crack - Team Voltron and the Scary House meme

Explore Voltron Force, Meme Lord, and more!

Lance for the Demi God AU - by TheSearchingAstronaut - "Aphrodite Kid with bow and arrow :D"

The legend of Zelda x Voltron Klance by thesearchingastronaut

Hello, my name is caro and I love to draw. Currently working on my Original Story. Please don't repost my art anywhere.

I don't ship them, but this is cute. from Voltron Legendary Defender

Team Voltron

Keith and Pidge <-- voltron legendary defender <

Here is my take on my favorite Voltron AU, Lance is influenced a lot by designs. *Feel free to use these as phone wallpapers*

Artist - unknown Please, let me know if you do. I would like to give proper credit to the artist. Previous Pinner: VLD fanart - Team Voltron all for one!

The five paladins| Voltron Legendary Defenders

Keith, Lance, Shiro, Pidge and Hunk the Paladins of Voltron from Voltron Legendary Defender

“day 5 - snow& ” late, as usual, but i did a thing for i'm obsessed with the atla au and snowbender lance, it was too perfect

Keith the Red Paladin of Fire from Voltron Legendary Defender

Leave while you can.

Voltron Addicted Fox — ALL OF 'EM! Now i'm gonna work on the scenes for.

My other sons in new/old Paladin clothes

Keith x Lance. Voltron ...

"happy new year piece" by thesearchingastronaut < < Shiro is the best part of this pic "IS THAT ALCOHOL?!"

Lance < < I just realize he's in Keith's half jacket

Voltron and TØP together? My day is complete

Ye Voltron Pirates

Older Pidge and Hunk from Voltron Legendary Defender

ohshuckydarn: “Things that would have made exponentially better: More hugs. ” HC: the first group hug started when Lance said “form Voltron!

C.G. on. Voltron ...

People also love these ideas. "


Fantasy AU · Voltron ...

The Porkchop Express — ashterism: The Paladins of Voltron;

all credit goes to 'The Searching Astronaut' and their beautiful AU!!

rinavenue: “ This isn't done, but close enough. For now. Since I need to go to sleep. …shh I had to draw them. Wearing each other's jackets. ”

OHANA means FAMILY. Family means NOBODY GETS LEFT BEHIND. why the fuck does this hurt so much

Shiro the Black Paladin of Voltron from Voltron Legendary Defender

"au where team voltron meets alternate team voltron where keith is missing instead of shiro. #voltron#klance" klance | Tumblr. "

Shiro and Pidge the Black and Green Paladins of Voltron from Voltron Legendary Defender

Okay, I have an idea: So Team Voltron goes to a planet where their genders switch! Cause I absolutely love the idea of Genderbent!